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I'm · Your · Mistake, · And · You're · Mine

And we just sway to the rhythm like that

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I'd like to wish happy birthday to my livejournal. It was two last weekend (yeah, I know, I'm late). And I think two is all it's going to be. I'd like to start this third year of my livejournaling life with a fresh start. that fresh start is here: euphoriccoaster
Later, babe, I'm too:
sleepy sleepy
The Sweet Sounds of:
Ben Harper
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"Well...why not?
Actually, though, they're a fun and funny gift, handmade by yours truly, personalized by you. We offer a large selection of colors and textures for a fully customizable cooter."


that's what i want for my birthday, just fyi, everyone, Muff ear-muffs.

PS: that site made my life better.

Later, babe, I'm too:
amused vagina!
The Sweet Sounds of:
"Shine On You Crazy Diamond" Pink Floyd
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Scene: Our Hero, Dani, and... Conor. Bored out of their minds on a Monday night, when suddenly conflict breaks out (obviously caused by Conor.)
Who knows what could happen?

Dani: >:o <--- ::eats a chunk out of Conor's head::
Conor: ::Conor's head grows back::
Dani: wierdo
and... goCollapse )

Now, imagine that played out by an old married couple. lol. ::bows::

Later, babe, I'm too:
drained drained
The Sweet Sounds of:
"Greener" Tally Hall
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Favorite word of the month: Flagship
Cause of death of the week: Death by Static Electricity.
Least favorite person of the weekend: Stephen.
Awkward topic of the day: Sex.
Things I'm procrastinating right now: sewing, finding fabric prices, cleaning, working out, taking my coat to the dry-cleaner.
mememememem.....memCollapse )

I've had a pretty good weekend. Friday I hung out with Zach, Max, and Renata. It pretty much kicked ass.

Saturday I got me a red shiny at the speech tournament, and it was the first time I had even finaled, let alone placed 2nd. It felt /so/ good! Heh, that's not even the best of it. B Ford got a special award for beind so goddamn kickass that she had to be acknowledged and is now destined to have cancer...
long story. And to top it all off, we did this thing most commonly reffered to in the Wilson community as gang-bang, and we did it to every other school at that tournament, yes, ladies and gentlemen, we won Sweeps.

Yesterday Max came over and we watched this really wierd movie entitled Mirrormask. for those of you actually reading this, SEE IT. It's great, and kinda trippy. The animation alone is reason enough to watch it.

I don't have school tomorrow, but I do have to be there for costuming, and I need to finish a few costumes and find the price of the fabric for the 4 or so costumes I need to make in the next week. I'm trying to ignore the fact that I'm completely overwhelmed and I should be working my ass off to get everything done early so I don't have to do it... later.
Later, babe, I'm too:
flirty Rocking out with my cock out
The Sweet Sounds of:
"I Want It All" Queen
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*squee* this beats dumb quizzes any day.
c'mon, do it for me. *bats eyelashes*

Emma Borg is my hero.

Kickass costuming day today, btw. Faeries rock my socks. As does Aaron Harris, the femenine, gold wearing, guitar playing faeire.

I just rocked out with my cock out to the sounds of Britney Spears. That's love right there.

PS: Did I mention how dumb Valentines day is? Why not celebrate love and friendship every day? I do.

"I clocked the jizz from a friend
Of yours named vanessa bet (bet)
She said u told her a fantasy
That got her all wet (wet)
Something about a little box with a
Mirror and a tongue inside
What she told me then got me so hot
I knew that we could slide

Gett off - 23 positions in a 1 night stand
Gett off - I’ll only call u after if u say I can
Gett off - let a woman be a woman and a man be a man
Gett off - I u want 2 baby here I am
Gett off"
Later, babe, I'm too:
crazy crazy
The Sweet Sounds of:
"Get Off" Prince
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What can I say? I'm just that sexy.
You are Inara, the registerred Companion. you are

sexy, sensual and skilled, yet have trouble

admitting to your emotions. You swing both


Which Firefly character are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

In other news, I have determined that I'm the only hopeless romantic in the universe who hates valentines day. There must be something wrong with me. Or maybe it's the rest of the universe. I mean, come on, if you want to do something special with your significant other then do it, but don't make it a stupid holiday just so you can do it.

Lol, now that I'm done with the ranting, I have to say that life is pretty darn good. I have concluded that I'm going to end up a bohemian for a good portion of my life. Who ever said that was a bad thing? Besides Dick Cheney, he doesn't count. He's just a product of the Hallmark corporation.
Later, babe, I'm too:
crazy crazy
The Sweet Sounds of:
"Out Tonight" Rent Soundtrack
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Soon-to-be-frosh are visiting school today. they're so itty and bitty.

We never really do anything in health. it's kinda funny. So instead of doing work that's prolly going to take me 5 minutes when i get home and do it....
I'm rocking out with my cock out.
in school.
beat that, bitchez.

"The wolf is hungry
He runs to show
He's licking his lips
He's ready to win
On the hunt tonight
For love at first sting
Here I am,
rock you like a hurricane"

My new mix CD really is as fantastic as I anticipated it would be. And then some.

PS.I truly do love Lucy.

Later, babe, I'm too:
creative Fantastic
The Sweet Sounds of:
"Take On Me" A Ha
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eeeew, nasty! someone just asked to friend me on flickr with a hardcore foot fettish. ::claws out eyes::
there is no way to comprehend how disgusted I feel, unless you also have a great aversion to feet, touching feet, people touching your feet, ect... and have also just been shown some really bad porn involving above mentioned foot fettish. that woman should be shot. I lived in NY, I would do it.
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I can't make it to the mountain tomorrow. I shall be sad if you don't read this in time.
* * *
so i'm a quiz whore. so sue me.Collapse )
subtitle: we must be sad, sad people.

in other news, the tournament yesterday was disappointing, i thought i would final, but i didn't. oh well, tho. there's always next time. i'm not going to the tourney next weekend because friday there's a mandatory work day for drama, and i need to get a bunch of stuff done before then so i won't have time to work on my second event and i want to go snowboarding so... buh.
max got me sick. lol. I tried to eat this morning but the food tasted bad, and i tried to work out, but I started feeling dizzy and nauseous. Whatev, I need a down day anyway. maybe I'll actually do some studying for my one final that's on thursday.........
or not. :D
Later, babe, I'm too:
tired tired
The Sweet Sounds of:
"Portions For Foxes" Rilo Kiley
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